For Immediate Release: 10/9/2020

It's with saddened hearts that we announce the closure of our company, Drinkable Apps. We are no longer accepting new business for use of our BeerFestList app. Our BeerFestList app and festival management portal will remain online and accessible through October 31st, but not after. Customers can continue to access and manage their festivals using their current admin portal credentials until that time. On November 1st, the admin portal will be shut down and the BeerFestList app will be pulled from the app stores. Customers can request an export of their brewery, beer, and festival content by contacting us at before December 31st.

Mike and I had a great time working with our beer loving and brewery promoting customers over these past years. BeerFestList started out as an idea, it turned into a business, and we had a lot of fun each step of the way. We want to say a huge Thank You! to our customers and all of you that have used our BeerFestList app during your festivals. We close DrinkableApps on good terms, having delivered on all customer subscriptions and as loyal customers of the brewing community.

If you have any questions concerning the closing of DrinkableApps or our BeerFestList app, contact us anytime at


Mark DeRosia and Mike Sweany