5 Tips for a Memorable Beer Tasting Party

If you’re anything like us, a night you were spent at a local brewery sipping a drink after flight sounds like a blast. You get the opportunity to try all the different varieties on sale and engage in polite conversations over which beer is the best. Plus, being in the presence of all knowledgeable artisans who brew the beer is enough to make any beer connoisseur’s dreams come true! After a few beer tastings, you’ll have a fair notion of how it’s done. If you’ve recently relocated and want to show off your new home, a beer tasting party is a fun alternative to a traditional housewarming celebration.

Here are five suggestions for making your at-home beer tasting party a memorable experience for your guests.

Please get to know your visitors and their preferences.

When throwing a party, you want to make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This also applies to beer. You’ll want to ensure that the folks you invite are beer fans and that you have the type of beer they like.

You’ll be able to determine how the evening will go and what brews will be sampled once you know who will be there.

Invite other beer connoisseurs who are well-versed in the subject.

It’s perfectly fine if your guests have varying levels of beer knowledge! A beer tasting party is an excellent opportunity to introduce new flavors and brews. However, you might want to invite some other beer fans as well. They will not only be able to provide craft beer that you may not have considered, but they will also be able to make recommendations to guests and share interesting facts about brewing and beer.

It is not necessary to use the proper glasses.

Did you know that each variety of beer requires a specific glass? An American pint glass, for example, is your all-purpose glass, but a tulip glass (or Belgian glass) is great for imperial IPAs, Belgian pale ales, and Scotch ales? It’s a lot when you consider all the different kinds of beer available and how many glasses you’ll need!

The point is that, while it’s nice to have been in a fancy glass, you don’t have to worry about it too much. A full glass of beer is better than a half-glass of beer!

Follow the steps in the correct order.

Unless you only want to sample one type of beer at your party, you should pay attention to the order in which you serve and taste the beer. Ideally, it would help if you worked from lightest to darkest. You don’t want to spoil your palate by trying a stout before the IPA!

The light should come first, followed by black, and then sour. Sour beers should always be served last because the sourness will change the flavor of whatever comes after!

Don’t forget to sanitize your palette.

You’ll want to have a palette cleanser on hand for your visitors in between glasses. We recommend sparkling water and a light snack, such as a cheese tray or crackers. The game’s object is to clean the slate so your guests can fully appreciate the flavor of the next sample.

Hosting a beer tasting party at your home is a terrific way to spend an evening with your friends while trying new and interesting beers. It’s even better to ask your guests to bring a six-pack of their favorite craft beer to share with everyone. Just remember to drink in moderation!

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