Where Can You Attend This Year’s Most Terrifying Halloween Beer Festivals?

Autumn conjures up thoughts of maize, pumpkins, and apples, and it’s a time to celebrate another good harvest. However, we can pay tribute to another plant during this year’s crop: the hop plant. What better way to honor beer’s closest friend (the hop) than by incorporating everyone’s favorite October holiday, Halloween?

This year’s best terrifying beer festivals include zombies, masquerades, and beer-filled gigantic pumpkins. Yup.

The Great Pumpkin Beer Festival will take place in Seattle, Washington, on October 8th.

The Great Pumpkin Beer Festival has been held in Emerald City for the past 12 years and is a huge hit. The festival is put on by Elysian Brewing in Seattle and features live spinning from DJs from the local radio station, KEXP. The festival theme is pumpkin beer (and often the color Orange) and pumpkin beer (usually the color Orange). Are you under the impression that this is another pumpkin festival? Reconsider. The festival contains a big pumpkin (we’re talking several hundred pounds here) that is scooped, burnt, and filled with pumpkin beer each year. At the festival, it’ll be sealed, conditioned, and tapped.

Murphysboro, IL, October 15th, Big Muddy Monster Beer Fest

A monster was seen near a boat launch just east of Riverside Park around midnight on June 26th, 1973. This monster was seven feet tall, was covered in dirt and shaggy hair, and reeked of sewage. When police arrived, they heard high-pitched screaming but nothing else around 3 a.m. This creature’s legacy goes on in the form of a beer festival, today known as the Big Muddy Monster. The Big Muddy Monster Beer Fest, which takes place on October 15th, isn’t so much about scaring you as it is about celebrating a long tradition of brewing. Murphysboro Brewing Company (later renamed Rudolph Stecher Brewing Company) was a leading craft brewer in the United States in the 1880s, but prohibition forced it to close its doors. Big Muddy Brewing launched in 2009, celebrating two of Murphysboro’s legacies: brewing and monsters, and the citizens of Murphysboro could rejoice again. The people of Murphysboro commemorate the return of an old tradition with their annual Brewfest, including the Imperial Tent, which features exclusive beers not available elsewhere during the festival. And who knows, maybe you’ll see the Big Muddy Monster if you turn up…..

Colorado Springs, CO – Haunted Brew Fest – 10/8

You’ve struck gold if you want to attend a festival honoring the best beverage and costume of the day. The brew fest’s organizers have collaborated with some of Colorado’s most prominent haunted house attractions to ensure that this year’s event is one to remember. The brew fest, just next door to the Haunted House, is sure to attract unusual visitors, such as ghosts and ghouls. Psychic readings, a customized hearse car display, and other activities will make this much more than a beer festival, though there will be plenty of that.

Bristol, PA, October 22nd, Hoppy Halloween Beer Fest

Broken Goblet Brewing is hosting its first Hoppy Halloween Beer Fest this year. The name of the brewing firm, Broken Goblet, should give you an idea of how strongly the brewer behind the beer, Joe Fazekas, is influenced by Halloween. Broken Goblet’s brewery and tasting room will be converted into a Halloween wonderland on October 25th (Fazekas wouldn’t have it any other way), and the public is invited. This first-ever Hoppy Halloween Beer Fest will feature horror movies on the big screen, Halloween-themed games, costume contests with cash prizes, music, food truck choices, and several brewers, including Broken Goblet. Find out more by clicking here.

Riverside, CA – BierBuzz® Masquerade Craft Beer Festival – 10/22

The BierBuzz® Masquerade on October 22nd will welcome guests with a red carpet entrance, allowing them to show off their scary, sexy, and humorous costumes as they enter. All brewers attending the festival (20+) were asked to contribute either a rare beer or one produced for the event, which means attendees will be able to try brews that no one else on the earth has ever tasted. The event is 21+ and will include food, live music, and beer. It will be held at the Industry Hills Expo Center.

10/30, Geneva, IL, Witch Craft Beer Fest

For the first time, a sizable fall beer festival will occur at Geneva’s Fifth Third Ballpark. Trick or treat for some of your favorite artisan brews. A costume contest will be held, with the best-dressed person receiving a reward. A DJ will be spinning Halloween oldies and top 40 tunes on the new large screen. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don’t miss it.

Nobody does autumn like the United States of America. There’s a great Halloween-themed beer festival near you, no matter where you look. Please share your celebration with us so we can spread the word and dress up for Halloween.

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