Belgian beer

What is beer from Belgium?

Over the years, Belgium’s rich beer culture has spread to the U.S., allowing beer connoisseurs on this side of the Atlantic to appreciate the wide range of Belgian-style flavours to the fullest. Belgian beer varieties include fruity beers, sour ales, dark ales, and pale ales. Belgian-style beers are typically described as having fruity, spicy, and sweet characteristics with a high alcohol content and mild bitterness by WebstaruantStore, a provider of equipment and information for restaurants, bars, and other places.

Trappist ales, which are only made at Trappist monasteries that brew their own beer, are another well-known Belgian beer. Trappist ales include brews like the mildly complex and robust Belgian Dubbel and the light, peppery, and dry Belgian Tripel. The robust flavour characteristic of Belgian beers is further enhanced by blonde ales like Delirium Tremens.

Wheat beer: what is it?

Wheat is the primary source of malt in wheat beers, which gives the brew a light colour and low alcohol content that making it ideal for relaxing with in the summer and pairing with fruit like a slice of lemon or orange. While American-made wheat beers have a mild flavour that is reminiscent of bread, certain wheat beers, with their sour and acidic characteristics, fall within the category of Belgian-style brews.

Why is beer sour?

Over the past few years, the popularity of sour beer has skyrocketed in the United States, making it a tempting beverage for individuals seeking to expand their beer palates or for those seeking new experiences. Sour beers with a high acidity come in a variety of flavours, such as citrus Berliner Weisse beer, fruity Flanders ale, and lambic beer in the Belgian style. Sour beers combine sweet and sour flavours in a way that is entirely different from the lagers and IPAs of the past by adding fruits like cherry, raspberry, or peach.

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