Types and styles of beer


Technically, ales and lagers differ based on the type of yeast used. Lagers are produced using strains of bacteria that ferment at low temperatures. Lagers are also referred to as bottom-fermented beers since they spend their entire working life at the bottom of the liquid.

But for drinkers, taste is what makes a difference. Lagers often have a crisp, dry flavour, unlike ales, and they have a special capacity to satisfy thirst. Here are a few of the major participants in this mouthwatering field.

Pale lager: This beer is light-bodied, somewhat hoppy, and delightfully crisp, and it goes well with a variety of dishes. It makes sense why so many people favour it.

A classic margherita pizza would be the ideal accompaniment.


This name designates a specific type of crisp, light-colored lager that was created in Europe in the 19th century. Due of its ability to quench thirst, it conquered the planet. Pilsners have a distinct hop flavour and have a light gold colour. They go well with a variety of cuisines, especially those that are gently cooked, including tempura, calamari, and crispy cutlets.

Schnitzel and a perfect wine match

Red and amber lager:

Brewers can produce beer that is darker in colour by toasting malted barley until it turns brown. Additionally, the flavour is affected: Red and amber lagers have scents of caramel, toffee, and toast, similar to darker beers, yet can taste light and crisp like their milder cousins. Finding an instance that strikes the ideal balance for you from the countless examples of this style is what makes it enjoyable.

tacos and guacamole
Find moderate reddish-colored Vienna beer, which has scrumptious toasted overtones. It’s a unique and interesting illustration of this category.

Dark beer

These stunning women give Team Lager dimension. They can have the robust scents you’d anticipate from a black beer, such as chocolate, coffee, molasses, and pumpernickel bread, even if they’re still quite light-bodied (all of which taste great with it, by the way). So if you enjoy both complexity and freshness, a black beer might satisfy both needs.

The ideal combination is smoked salmon and dark bread.
Tip: The German word dunkel, which merely means “dark,” is sometimes used to describe dark lagers. Some are referred to as black lagers.

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