What to Bring to a Beer Festival and What to Expect

A beer festival is what?

A beer festival is any event where you can buy a ticket to sample a variety of beers, without getting too technical.

That definition is quite inclusive. Particularly given the prevalence of “beer festivals” today…

There are themed ones, only craft brewers guild ones (my favourites), extremely local ones, international ones, and even ones hosted by particular breweries.

Characteristics of a Good Beer Festival

There are numerous water fountains nearby, and each booth has water on hand for washing your tasting glass.
Food is offered. And real food, not just snacks like the free pretzel packs…
Tickets that are inexpensive or free, as well as complimentary refreshments, are provided for designated drivers.
Bloggers and reputable local media outlets ought to be enthusiastically covering the event. If they aren’t, take that as a sign that your time won’t be worth it.
The selection of beers that are being poured differs from what is available at the supermarket. Make sure the beer list is both long and diverse before purchasing tickets.
The majority of beer festivals offer unlimited sampling and samples. As of this writing, Texas gives you a predetermined amount, typically 8 to 12. However, more cards and tickets can be bought, typically at a discount.

My Advice from Personal Experience for Beer Festivals

Pay attention to the advice below whether it’s your first craft beer festival or your 100th. These are my personal favourites that I have discovered over the years (some, the hard way). Have any advice to offer? Please share in the comments section.

Before you ruin yourself, pace yourself!

This is a marathon, not a competition. You don’t have to consume the entire pour; they typically range from 3 to 4 ounces each. It totals. Pour out any beer you don’t like, but don’t do it in front of the brewery.

Dress accordingly, please.

How should I dress for a beer festival? Nothing too elaborate, that much is certain. It’s quite acceptable to wear jeans and your preferred beer t-shirt with comfortable shoes.

Understand the location of the beer festival, the predicted weather, and dress accordingly. Think carefully about the shoes you select to wear because you might have to stand for the next few hours.

Ingest water!

At a beer festival, you ought to be chugging more than just beer. In between pours, I like to drink a taster’s worth of water. As you become a little tipsy, it may be difficult to remember that. Therefore, I advise adding a few reminders on your phone to remind you to drink water. You need water if you’re going to be outside for a while, especially in the summer. So remember to drink it!

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